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Barbara M. 2

2022-09-28 00:11:37

Remember when I described Barb as the go to church every Sunday prudish type, well that wasn't exactly correct. After a few years of giving Barb massages, she began telling stories about her love life with Jim.

As a matter of fact, her whole married sex life began spilling from her lips shortly after I had given her just half of a mild sensual massage. She was so thrilled and satisfied that she couldn’t take any more that day. Everything seemed to have changed from that day onward. The next time she returned to have me finish that massage is when I realized I had become her most trustworthy confidante. She had the most unbelievable stories to tell about her private home life.

Before starting every session she had to get things off her chest. This day was no different except for the subject matter. This day her stories were about her most private and suppressed feelings. I was honored that she would mention such things to me. She began,“ It’s not so great having a life of straight missionary sex; no touching or foreplay, a few maybe up to thirty seconds of animal lust and Jim would pull his skinny little prick out of me and roll off me and go to sleep. Many times throughout my marriage I would slip my hands down between my legs after Jim went to sleep. I’d manipulate myself to get a little pleasure out of it.” After hearing this, my horny mind got to wandering as usual. All sorts of sexual thoughts were forming in my mind. I imagined Barb was probably ready for some special treatment.

Since her last massage where things got a little more personal, Barb felt closer to me and was able to share some of her inner feelings. “Pete,” she said, “I was telling you what lousy sex I have earlier. Well, what there was of it, there is even less now. I think Jim is suffering from a touch of ED, either real or imaginary. Sex has never been on his priority list.” I asked Barb, "What about oral sex?" Barb was aghast and said, "Jim doesn't believe in that for me or him. I tried several times through our marriage to get him to lick me or even allow me to go down on him. He felt it was disgusting and would have no part of it." I felt sorry for Barb having missed so much pleasure from her lifestyle. After this little chit-chat I said, "Let's see if I can make you feel a little better with a nice refreshing massage." Barb went to disrobe and I left the room to warm up some lotions, etc.

After an hour or so I was just finishing up with a soothing connecting massage. I could tell she was still restless and knew she was looking for something new. I became so wrapped up in my massage I had forgotten what she was saying an hour ago about Jim and her sex life. It came back to me what she really wanted today. As I got to the last stroke of her soothing and relaxing massage I said, "Barb, you still look a little bit anxious. Is there something else you might like today?" She answered, "I still feel like I never got a massage, I'm still tight and maybe a little irritated." I asked, "May I try something totally new for you? I’m sure this might make a difference in your anxiety and give you a pleasing release."

Because we've been through a sensual massage, I was hoping she wanted a little more. I felt she would accept anything, including my tongue on her clitoris. I told her to scoot down to the foot end of the table so that her butt was near the end. I noticed a slight sheepish grin on her lips. She knew what I was about to do. Facing her feet, I gently grasped her legs and she immediately spread them and put one on each of my shoulders as I leaned forward and softly spread her lips and put my warm and moist mouth on her slit. Licking up and down and after a few dozen strokes, ended with my lips wrapped around her clitoris and continued licking very slowly and gentle at first. This was what Barb wanted. It was on her mind during the whole earlier massage. After talking about an almost sexless marriage and never had oral sex before we got started with the massage session, she was probably hoping I would do something like this. I licked around side to side and up and down, gently sucking as I did. The up and down was best for her.

I reached up and started massage her breasts. I had a hand on each of her firm breasts and massaged and worked her nipples as I sucked and licked between her quivering legs. She soon removed her legs from my shoulders and spread them wide. Her vulva was in full swollen display. Dripping from my saliva and her own sexual awakening, l licked her vulva feverishly. I could feel her trembling more as I brought my tongue down to her vagina and began probing in and out, licking and slurping her voraciously. She brought her legs back to my shoulders. I took my right hand off her breast but kept teasing and lightly pinching her left breast with my left hand. Now with my right hand I reached down and inserted two fingers into Barb's very wet and slippery vagina.

Barb was losing control fast. I could feel and hear her rapid breathing. My mouth went back to her swollen clitoris and as I began lightly sucking as my fingers felt around her slippery love hole for her G-spot. Eureka, and started a G-spot massage. It wasn’t long before Barb’s hips moved up and down on my fingers while I smoothed al the wrinkles on her G-Spot. She began shuddering, and then stiffened as her ass lifted from the table. He whole body weight seemed to be pulling my head down into her vulva. Immediately, her legs clamped tighter around my shoulders and neck. I could feel these huge surging spasms in her vagina. The combination of nipple pinching and pulling with clitoral stimulation and G-spot manipulation just drove her wild.

Barb discovered Paradise. I continued until she couldn't take it any longer. I stood up and leaned over her and gave her a kiss on her waiting mouth. My lips still drenched with her juices. She wanted a taste and licked my lips as I came up off her mouth. She laid back down for another soothing connecting massage and all the time saying she could never pay me enough for such a beautiful massage. Before getting up she said she wanted to give me a massage and do the same to me. I told her that was not necessary. My massages were for her pleasure not mine. “Yeah Right!” I thought as my dick was twitching from thoughts of a massage from Barb. I got almost as much delight out of this as she did.

She insisted, not ever having sucked on anything but her fingers, she wanted a taste of cock and cum. She told me how she had a lot of catching-up for the things missing in her parochial life with Jim. This was very hard to refuse. I told her today was her day and maybe next time she could pleasure me. That seemed to satisfy her for now. Her day was complete and before she left she made sure to schedule a massage for next week. She couldn't wait. As a matter of fact it kept me up late all night for every day until next week.

Let me know if you’d like to hear about my massage from Barbara. I can tell you it left me with more than just a life long memory