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Wives of africa part 4

2023-01-22 00:20:00

Hannah sat beside James on the airplane on the flight to Kinyana. She did not know how she would cope with the next few weeks. Apart from her one indiscretion in the bar she had been able to avoid meeting James except in the office.

James smiled at her he on the other hand was looking forward to the next few weeks more than any time in his life.

While we are here we could visit my village you would enjoy it.”
“Did you never fancy getting married to someone from there?”
James laughed.

“I guess I’m a bit strange. I only fancy white women. In fact I only fancy tall blondes. Since they don’t fancy me then I have remained sexually inexperienced except for recent events.”

He patted Hannah on her knee a firm grip telling her clearly that she would belong to him. They had adjoining rooms in the run down hotel. He knocked on her door and brought in two bottles of wine.

“You know my sexual history. You know I’m clean. I’d like to know about yours every detail.”

He poured her a large glass of wine. She consoled herself with the idea that sex with James was inevitable if he reported her misdemeanours then she would certainly go to prison as would Peter however she was unprepared for his question.

“I lost my virginity when I was sixteen. I’ve had four serious boyfriends and Peter and I have a very good sex life. Satisfied?”

“You know I’m not. You know what would satisfy me.”
“Well you’re not going to get it.”
“We shall see.”

Peter rang to say that he couldn’t make it to see her that weekend. Disappointed Hannah told James that she would try and get a flight back to the capital. He smiled as she failed to get a seat on any of the planes.

“Listen I’ve been invited to a traditional wedding at my village it’s a second cousin of mine. You could come along you’d like it.”

Hannah to her own surprise agreed. They drove to the village. James joined the men and Hannah found herself in the hut where the young maidens were getting ready. She watched as they painted their naked bodies in bright colours with strong geometric patterns.

One of the young girls pointed to Hannah and said in broken English.
“You join us.”
It was not really a question more a command. Hannah found her clothes being removed and she felt powerless to resist. Her blouse was undone. The two young women next to her laughed at her bra never having seen anything like it.

They tugged at it their hands feeling inside the padded cups. Hannah could not help it as her nipples responded to the hands fondling her nipples becoming erect. At that moment the strap at the back of her bra gave way and her breasts sprang free.

The two girls traced the white triangle left by her bikini. They smiled big happy grins as they saw her pink nipples and areola. Hannah found her nipples being played with tweaked by the smiling African girls in front of her.

They tugged at her jeans finding the button at the top pulling down her zip. Her jeans were swiftly removed and Hannah was now naked apart from her knickers and they didn’t cover much.

The knickers were quickly removed and Hannah was now stark naked in front of twenty or more young women. They prodded and pushed her running their hands through her blonde triangle such a contrast to their own black pubis.

They laid her on the ground and spread her legs looking closely at her pink vagina moist from the eager fingers exploring her. She could not help it as her body responded to the many hands coming trying to do it as quietly as possible.

All the young women smiled at her winking and laughing. Hannah blushed furiously which made them laugh even more.

They were intrigued by her skinny body her small pert tits and tiny bottom. They concluded that she was young and a maiden so they dressed her in a tiny grass skirt that barely covered her small arse.

Once dressed they began to paint her. They used their fingers smearing strong vibrant colours in neat geometric patterns. Hannah enjoyed the tenderness of their caresses. For the second time in a few minutes she came her body convulsing. The African women slapped each other at her response.

She was decorated and painted like one of the youngest of the maidens. She stood looking down at her body. The tiny skirt covered her bottom but only just apart from that she was totally naked.

The two girls who were also dressed as young maidens told her to copy them. The men were seated round several long tables and the three of them carried beer pitchers out to one table.

On the table were young men and the older boys. They were delighted to be served by such an unusual and pretty woman. They fondled her bottom every time she leant over to fill their mugs.

As she filled her pitcher for what seemed like the tenth time the two girls gave her some of the beer she drank it back quickly. The young men on her table were now definitely the worse for drink and had lost all their inhibitions.

She poured them a drink and one of the younger ones stood up and kissed her. It was a sloppy inexperienced kiss. He fondled her small pert breasts with his large black hands. Hannah pushed him away and returned to get more beer. It was certainly having an effect on her and she was feeling decidedly light headed.

Once more as she served them beer she was kissed. He looked to be about eighteen or nineteen years old one of the older ones at the table. He kissed her but his kisses were far from inexperienced his tongue exploring her pretty pink mouth. He fondled her naked bottom touching her naked cunt. Hannah jumped as his fingers explored her moist sex. He pulled her hand down onto his erection. She felt him he was hard and thick and long.

During the course of the wedding feast she was fondled by every single person at the table and she fondled them back causing three of them to come as her hands stroked their cocks. She was behaving like a whore but she didn’t care, the heat the alcohol the sensuous bodies everything about the afternoon was making her feel sexier and sexier.

As night approached the deep African sky turned almost violet in colour the music started and the women all formed a long line with the younger maidens at one end. They danced swaying their hips advancing on the men who sat cheering.

Hannah copied the others swaying her hips. Opposite her was James at least a face she knew. The women in the line jiggled their breasts pushing them forward at their partners. Hannah did likewise pushing her smaller breasts together teasing James who could not have been happier.

She leant forward and he bit her swollen nipples Hannah sighed with pleasure. The line of women retreated reluctantly so did the young blonde Englishwoman. They advanced again baring their naked bottoms to their partners.

James ran his hands up and down the small white globes of her arse. He was delighted she was giving her body freely to him without coercion or threat.

The line retreated again this time as it advanced the women lifted their skirts showing their naked sex to their partners. Hannah shocked at first quickly followed suit flashing her blonde triangle at her subordinate.

He reached between her legs and stroked her very moist pussy. She came immediately squirting her juices all over his thick strong fingers.

The line was no more, everywhere Hannah looked she could see copulating couples writhing around on the ground. She led James by the hand and they found a spot between two of the younger maidens.

She knelt in front of James and undid his loincloth. She licked his cock already hard and large it seemed to grow even more with her tongue. He was in heaven having his cock sucked by a blonde beauty. He wanted to come in her cunt.

He pushed her gently onto the ground and spread her legs.
“Please.” She whispered.
“Please fuck me.”

She wanted sex. She wanted his cock inside her. She wanted that huge lump of black meat to stretch her. She wanted him now.

“Push it in.
Fuck me hard.” She begged him

He had waited for this moment and was savouring every second of it. He entered her brutally his cock harder and bigger than he could ever remember. She wrapped her legs round his back opening herself as fully as she could to his magnificent cock.

“I’m coming.” She screamed.
He felt her pussy grip his sock as her vaginal muscles tightened their already strong grip on his cock. He couldn’t help coming firing his spunk deep into her cunt.

“Can I lick you clean?” She asked subserviently.
James presented his thick black and now semi soft cock to the lovely young blonde. She cleaned it thoroughly tasting his salty cum and her own sweet juices. Ashamed but aroused she never did this with Peter. He had begged her on several occasions but she had always refused.

Here she was licking the cock of a man she despised and loving every second of it. She was depraved a slut she thought. She licked his large hairy balls and along the length of his magnificent shaft.

Incredibly he was hard again, Peter took hours to make love again but James was stiff and hard once more. He turned her over rubbing his cock against her pussy lips. He pressed against her clitoris. It was throbbing and pulsating. God she felt horny.

He pressed his cock higher up finding her virgin sphincter.
“No not there. It’s dirty I’ve never done it before.”
James took the gooey mixture from her soaking cunt and smeared it on his cock and gently pushed a finger into her virgin hole. He pushed a second finger stretching her tight little sphincter.

Now as he pushed his cock against her arse she relaxed as he commanded. Gently he eased his mighty cock into her first one inch then a second. It hurt but Hannah did not complain she deserved this for her lewd disgusting behaviour.

He began to move slowly in and out with each thrust another inch was inside her tight little arse. He gripped her small tits tightly as he fucked her. She had taken all of his ten inches and he now was fucking her hard.

With one hand he squeezed her tits hard roughly pulling on her extended nipples the other hand was finger fucking her sweet little cunt.

“Oh fuck.” Kelly screamed as he brought her to a huge orgasm.
She came four more time before at last he came burying his spunk deep in her body. He presented his cock to her and once more she licked him clean.

That night he took her eleven times. In the morning she was exhausted, sore in every orifice but deeply satisfied. She had lost her bra, her jeans and her panties for good. She travelled back to the hotel wearing her short skirt her blouse missing most of its buttons and no knickers.

Adji rang David and told him of the developments and got the OK for his plan. David made only one condition and that was it was to be filmed.

Adji called Louise into his bedroom.
“You told me that you would do anything.”
The lovely redhead nodded.
“Good you can undress and then undress me. After that you will make love to me. You will feel my old wrinkled cock inside your body. I know the thought disgusts you so much the better.”

Louise wanted to cry she wanted to die at that moment but she had no choice. She lifted her T-shirt over her head exposing her white lacy bra. Adji smiled at her nipples erect pushing against the thin material.

She stepped out of her jeans pulling them down. The old man looked at her, he liked what he saw. She stood near naked, slim her long legs nicely tanned. He looked at her thin panties her triangle showing underneath a darker patch against under her near transparent white knickers.

It had been a long time since Adji had made love to a woman and he was looking forward to possessing her.

“Undress me.”

Louise wanted to cry to run away anything but do what she now had to do. She lifted his tribal shirt above his head. She kissed his old wrinkled body. He stood up and she undid his trousers kneeling in front of him.

Adji’s cock sprang free waving in front of the lovely redhead.
“Worship my cock.”
She licked his balls. She teased back his foreskin licking along his cock. He was big and thick and as she kissed and sucked him it grew longer and harder. He sat down on a chair and told her to mount him.

The young redhead spread her legs and lowered her cunt her moist cunt down onto his thick hard cock. She rode up and down on him surprised at how turned on she was. She came twice before she felt him fire his semen deep into her.

She was deeply ashamed. What would she tell David if he ever found out? Her body had betrayed her. She had loved the sex she had just had. Why he was old, old enough to be her grandfather and very black. Was that what she had enjoyed? Did she love black men did she love sex with a black man?

Whatever the reason she had just had the best sex of her life and she wanted more. Adji smiled reading her mind. He laid her over his knees and smacked her bottom hard.

“That is for thinking me ugly.”

The first blow landed hard and it hurt. Louise was surprised by the pain but also the pleasure.

“That is for doubting my powers.”

“Ouch. Stop please.”

Louise did not want him to stop she was close to coming.

“That is for betraying David with Tili.”

“That is for betraying David with me.”
The blows kept coming each blow bringing her closer and closer to an orgasm till at last it exploded. Adji watched her body react his fingers now inside her cunt feeling her muscles grip his fingers.

He had used his potion on himself and was now hard again. This was going to be fun.
“Get down on your knees.”

Louise knelt on the floor her arse in the air her sex open and inviting. Adji imagined he was a dog. Louise looked at him. No longer was he an old African but instead he looked just like a huge Great Dane.

She felt its hairy paws on her back. She felt its long pink cock nuzzling at her cunt. She wanted it inside her. She guided it in. the dog began to fuck her hard and quickly harder and faster than any human could.

It came squirting pint after pint of its hot cum inside her. Then its cock seemed to swell a large knot inside her splitting her hurting her exciting her. She closed her eyes and as she reopened them it was Adji whose old body lay on top of her. It was Adji who had just filled her body with his spunk

Tony rang Rosemary. The results of her blood test had come through she was clean. He could fuck her now.

He arranged for her to pick him up in her car.

“I’m so glad to see you again.”
Rosemary grunted a reply.
“Unfortunately the pedestrian you knocked down is critically ill and I’m being pressed to find the culprit.”

Rosemary’s heart sank. Not only had she possibly killed another human being but she had not come forward not owned up. She deserved to be punished but the thought of being sent to jail was too terrifying for words.

It was a small white house in an undistinguished neighbour hood that she pulled up her car at. Rosemary looked at the police officer. In his early forties she thought not that tall but big. He was powerful even if though he was at least six stones overweight. He was not at all sexy.

“Go in.”
Rosemary entered the small house.
“You need to know what I expect of you and what I will give you in return. You will do exactly as I say sexually instantly and without question.
In return your crime will go unsolved.
I am not a greedy man so two or three times a week I will expect you to meet me here. In case you are worried I have no diseases as I’m pleased to see that you don’t either. So do you agree to my terms?”

Rosemary nodded. Told to strip shyly she obeyed. Only her husband had ever seen her naked as an adult. Tony appraised her body. He felt her breasts pleased as her big brown nipples responded immediately to his touch.

Tony was enjoying the terrified look on her face. He understood her confusion she was not meant to enjoy his touch it was wrong but she did. He slid a hand between her legs the lovely young doctor tried to pull it away. He simply looked at her and she froze letting him violate her body in the most obscene manner.

He spread her legs wide apart delighted by her pink vaginal lips. He ran his hand through her thick silky soft brown bush. He smiled as her clitoris hardened under his fingers. He stroked the folds of her vagina pleased that she was wet ready for him.