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My New Life_(0)

2022-09-30 01:09:33

The morning light peeked in through the curtains just enough to hit my face and make me stir. I felt the all too familiar pressure in my bladder and I knew I was going to have to get up. I threw back the covers and stumbled into the bathroom still half drunk form the night before and half asleep. I lifted the seat of the toilet and stood there rubbing my eyes waiting for the stream. As I yawned I felt the warm piss running down my leg.

"Shit My dick must be stuck to my leg or something!?” I thought.

I looked down to get an apprisal of the situation. My mouth dropped open and I stood there staring in stunned silence at what I saw.

"What the fuck!?" I finally managed to get out.

Instead of seeing my cock there was a pussy there I rubbed my eyes hard to wipe away the last remaining bits of sleep to get a clearer view. The view had become clearer, but there was still a pussy where my cock had been the night before.

I rushed back into my bedroom to stand in front of the full length mirror. I couldn't believe what I saw! Was I dreaming? Had I died? Did someone slip something in my drink last night and I was on some sort of bad trip? I stood in front of the mirror looking at myself, but it wasn't me. There staring back at me was a woman!

I moved closer to the mirror to examine myself. My hair was down past my shoulders and platinum blonde, very different from the short brown hair I had all my life. My eyes drifted down to my chest which I could see was huge even under my half open bath robe that only showed a hint of cleavage. I slowly parted the robe to expose my new double D tits. My areolas were the size of half dollars and dark. My nipples stuck out about half an inch and the breasts themselves were full and perky. Again I looked down at my new pussy..

I suddenly remembered that I still had to go to the bathroom, urgently! I rushed back into the bathroom and sat down quickly as I knew I couldn't stand and piss with a pussy. Just as I was sitting down, and felt the cold splash of water on my ass, I remembered that I had left the seat up.

"Son-of-a-bitch!" I yelled. Now I know why chicks are always so pissed about leaving the seat up.

I dropped the seat and sat back down and finished my business. I got up and grabbed a towel off the rack to dry my ass. I noticed that it was a very nice ass for a girl. It was heart shaped and firm. It was at this point that I noticed my whole body was more feminine. I had a small waist and a flat tummy with a little oval for a belly button. Surprisingly, I had a pretty fair tan all over. I thought that was odd since I never been tanning in my life.

I finished drying my ass and went back into the bedroom to put on some clothes so I could go make some coffee and figure out what the hell was going on. As I looked through the drawers at my clothes I realized I was going to have a tough time finding something that fit my new body. I finally decided on a plain white cotton t-shirt and some old grey sweat pants, rolled up a few times at the waste, and no underwear. Luckily my huge tits filled out the t-shirt pretty nice so it wasn't tight, but my nipples were poking out a bit. I wasn't going to worry about shoes for now since I knew they would all be too big judging by my petite feet.

I fumbled about in the kitchen with the coffee maker and finally got it brewing and went over to the computer to jump on the net.

"Maybe I got transgendered or something?” I thought.

I did a few searches and read a few articles on sex changes, but nothing fit this situation. I thought that maybe I could go see my doctor and he would know what to do. It was Saturday though and his office would be closed.

"Maybe I can go to the emergency room and see a doctor there?” I thought

I raced back into the bathroom to rinse off in the shower. I grabbed my razor and shaving cream on the way in to shave my new pussy and legs. I liked shaved pussies and smooth legs on my chicks so why should I be any different now? It was a lot easier than I thought it would be since there was no dick or balls to maneuver around. I finished rinsing off , got out and toweled off and decided to poor my coffee to go. I grabbed my keys and wallet and headed out the door and hopped in my BMW. I knew I couldn't go around with no shoes and wearing what I had on, nipples all poking. Luckily I lived right down the street from a mall so zipped into the parking lot in front of the Macy's entrance. I walked right over to the women's shoe department and found a middle aged woman working there.

"Can I help you with something?" She asked with a smile.

"Uh yea, I'm looking for some shoes." I said in a very feminine voice I didn't recognize.

"Well, you've certainly come to the right place. She said as she nodded around."

"Did you have anything particular in mind?"

"Well, not really I don't suppose."

"How about these black slip on heels, we just got those in about a week ago. They're very classic yet very fashionable."

"Yea, that's fine, but I also need something a little more casual, for like right now."

"OK, how about these pink sandals?"

Fucking pink ? Was this lady nuts? Then I remembered that I was a woman now.

"Yea, that's fine I guess."

"Is there anything else you need?"

I thought for a moment and realized that carrying around my wallet everywhere I went wasn't going to cut it.

"How about a purse?" I couldn't believe what I was saying.

"Well, I just do shoes. You'll have to go to women's apparel department for that. Now what size shoe do you wear?"

As If I didn't have enough problems this morning now I needed shoes and didn't even know what size I wore.

"I'm not really sure." Hell, I wasn't really sure about anything anymore.

"Let's just take a look here. You look like about a 5 to me." The lady said gazing down at my bare feet.

"I'll go get them from the back."

"OK great. Could you bring them up to the register and I'll meet you there, I'm gonna go grab a purse real quick."

"Sure thing hun. I'll meet you at that register." She said pointer to one of the check out stations.

I walked over to the women's apparel and looked at the purses on the racks. I figured I had better get a purse that matched my new shoes, since that's that my ex-girlfriends always said, so I grabbed a small black leather purse and headed back over to the register.

"All set?" the lady asked returning from the back with two shoe boxes.

"Yep, how much is it?"

"Let's see." She said as she scanned the two pairs of shoes and the purse.

"It's $50 even."

Fortunately I still had quite a bit of cash left over from last night so I handed her a hundred and collected my change. She wished me well and I went out into the mall proper and sat down on a bench to get out my new sandals. I slipped them on, half in disgust at the color, but was quickly distracted by something else I hadn't noticed before. My toenails looked as if they had been manicured and painted over with a high gloss. I looked at my fingernails and the same thing was done to them. I remembered one of my girlfriends who had her's done that way and she said it was a french cut manicure or something to that effect, when the nails had just a white square tip.

"At least my new body came with a manicure and a pedicure." I chuckled to myself.

I emptied out my wallet into my new purse and gathered my bag and set out towards Victoria's Secret since I knew I had to get a bra to keep my nipples from poking out all over the place.
As I walked in through the mall entrance to Victoria's a hot, little brunette came up to me.

"Hi there, my names Beth what can I help you with today?" She asked.

"I need a bra."

"Yes you do." She said with a giggle as she stared at my nipples poking out.

"You look to be about a 34 DD, right?"

"Uh, yea." I figured the lady with the shoes knew well enough so maybe Beth did too.

"I need some panties too and I suppose a dress would be in order as well."
"Alrighty then, follow me."

I watched Beth's tight little ass sway back and forth in her black dress pants as I followed her back to the bras. She grabbed a pink, white, and purple lacy bras from the rack and then walked around to the panties.

"What kind of panties do you prefer?"

"Thongs." I replied without even really thinking since that's what I liked on girls.

Beth scooped up three pairs of thongs to match the colors of the bras she already had and then walked to the dress rack.

"How about this one?" She said holding out a thin, white summer dress.

"That's looks good. Is there somewhere I can try this one?"

"Sure, right over here." She said leading to the back dressing rooms.

She knocked on one of the doors and then unlocked it for me. I stepped inside and placed my bags on the bench and took the handful of clothes from her.

"If you need anything I'll be right outside." She said closing the door behind me.

I took off my clothes and stood in front of the mirror naked admiring my new body. Damn I was hot I decided to try and keep it short so I went right for the dress and slipped into it with no bra or panties. I went to grab for the zipper at the back then paused for a moment seeing Beth's feet under the door facing away as if she were keeping a look out for me. Suddenly I got an idea and a smirk came over my face.

"Beth honey, could you come in here and help with this zipper?" I said as I opened up the door.

"Sure thing maam."

It sent a weird feeling through me when she called me maam, I realized though that I had not given her my name. What the hell was I gonna say? Hi, my name’s Jim?

"You don't have to call me maam, I'm not that old." I mused as she stepped into the little room and closed the door behind her.

"OK, what shall I call you then?"

"My names Courtney." As I said the first thing that popped into my mind.

"OK Courtney, let's see what we've got here." she said as she went for the zipper.

"Yes, let's." I said as I grabbed her by the back of the neck and pulled her to my lips with one hand and moved my other hand down to her ass and squeezed it hard.

I could tell she was surprised by the suddenness, but her lips parted and allowed me to get my tongue in her mouth. I could feel something warm building between my legs and felt the moisture start to flow from my pussy. While my tongue swirled around her mouth wrestling with her tongue I moved my hands around and started to undo her blouse. Beth reached her hand up my thigh and under the dress til she found my pussy. She slowly started to massage my clit in circular motions. I felt my pussy flash with heat and juice start to flow freely to lubricate it. I moaned softly as the feeling in my pussy was intensifying. I lifted up Beth's bra and took one of her B cup titties in my mouth and sucked lightly. This made Beth start to rub my clit even faster. I put my leg up on the bench to giver her better access and she slide one of her fingers past my lips and up inside me until she found my G-spot and began rubbing it furiously with her fingertip.

"Oh fuck yea baby That's it, finger that pussy." I moaned softly in her ear.

My hands moved down to Beth’s belt line and started to undo her buckle. I pulled her zipper down and slide one hand down inside her panties and began rubbing on her swollen pussy lips. I could feel the moisture seeping from her cunt and I slipped two fingers inside her and began messaging her G-spot.

“Oh Courtney, finger me faster!” Beth moaned.

I began stabbing quickly into her pussy with my two fingers while I pulled her pants and panties all the way down with my free hand. I pulled her finger out of me and knelt down in front of her, never taking my fingers out or missing a beat, and buried my face into her soaked pussy. My tongue lapped at her lips and clit in a frenzy of passion. Beth cupped her tits and rubbed her nipples as I sucked and slurped the juice from her pussy. Her breathing quickened as her moans became louder. I knew she was on the verge of coming. I grabbed her by the arm and led her to the floor of the dressing room, laying her on her back. I positioned myself on top of her in a 69 position and continued my tongue bath on her pussy. Beth grabbed my ass cheeks and spread them and darted her tongue into my pussy. Instinctively I pushed my ass back into her face until I felt the tip of her nose brush my asshole. I rhythmically bucked my hips, grinding my pussy into Beth’s mouth. I felt a warmth building in my lower tummy and pussy, a sensation I had never felt before. I circled Beth’s clit with my tongue, sucking on it occasionally. I felt her legs start to shutter.

“Ohhhh Courtney, I’m ccuuummmiiingg!” She gasped as she squeezed my ass hard.

I felt a gush of warm pussy juice flow from deep within her and soak my face just as I gave one hard shove with my ass. I felt the warmth that had been building inside me explode with a feeling of intense wetness escape my pussy.

“Ahhhh fffuucccckk yyyeeaaa!” I moaned loudly as Beth eagerly drank my orgasm.

I rolled off of Beth and we both laid there for a moment on the floor catching our breath. I had never felt anything like that before! Even beyond that I still felt incredibly horny! This was nothing like the orgasms I had when I was man. Usually after I would cum that was it, my sex drive dropped down to nothing, but as I woman I was still horny and wet as hell!

After a couple more minutes of regaining our composure we stammered to out feet and quickly got dressed.

“So, you think these are gonna work for ya?” Beth said with a devilish grin.

“Oh yea, definitely!” I replied as I slipped on my sweat pants and sandals.

“Can I wear one of the bras out of the store?”

“Tell you what, I’ll let you have the bras and panties for free and I’ll only charge you for the dress.”

“Sounds good to me!”

I wish it had been that easy and fun to get discounts like this as a man. After we finished dressing Beth went out first and followed her to the register where she bagged up the clothes for me.

“It’s $80 for the dress.” She said.

I handed her another hundred from my purse and she handed back my change and torn off my receipt. She scribbled something quickly on the back of the receipt and then handed it to me.

“That’s my cell number on that back if you ever want to get together sometime.” she said with a wink and a smile.

“Thanks, I’ll have to take you up on that.” I said returning the smile.

I headed out the door and made for the Macy’s entrance to get back to my car. By now it was afternoon and I was staring to get a little hungry. I decided that I would just wait until Monday to see my regular doctor rather than go see some quack at the ER. Besides, I was up for some vacation at work and could do with a break so that wouldn’t be a problem. I would just have to disguise my voice when I called in and make up something about laryngitis.

When I got back to my house I went straight for the fridge and pulled out the stuff to make a ham sandwich. I poured a glass of milk and threw the sandwich on a plate and plopped down on the couch. What a crazy ass day this had been. I ate about half the sandwich and downed the whole glass of milk and then decided I wanted to take out my new clothes and have a look. I stripped down naked right there in the living room and took out the pair of white thongs and slipped them on. As I slid them up I noticed my pussy was still wet as hell and throbbing. At first it felt kind of weird having the thong in the crack of my ass, but it felt kinda good at the same time. I reached into the bag and pulled out the dress. I noticed there were some thigh high white lacy stockings attached to it with a little note.

“Don’t forget to call me... Beth.” the note said

“Well that hot little minx.” I said as I unpinned the stockings.

I slipped the stockings on and pulled them up as far as I could as I knew the dress was short so I wanted to make sure the lacy tops would be covered. Even the stockings felt good as they clung tightly to my smooth legs. I swapped out the purple bra for the white one and squirmed into the dress. I zipped up the back and it fit fairly loose except for where my enormous tits where. The dress had a low cut so it was showing my well rounded cleavage. I sat down on the couch and put on the heels. When I was finished I walked into my bedroom to stand in front of the mirror. I stood there twisting and turning so I could see how the outfit looked all around. The dress came down just enough to cover the lacy tops of the stockings. I teased my long blonde hair and glanced over at the clock.

“Damn, it’s 5 o’clock already!? Where the hell did the day go?”

I guess I had been taking longer than I thought putting on my new outfit and admiring my new gorgeous body in the mirror. The day had been emotionally exhausting and felt like having a drink. I figured I was already dressed up, so all I needed now was a place to go. I grabbed my purse and headed back out the door and hopped in the car. I sat behind the wheel for a moment with the engine running thinking about where I wanted to go. I thought I had better go to place a had never been before since it would be too weird see people I had know as a man. I remembered there was a small lounge a few miles up the road that I had always meant to check out, but never got around to it.

“Now would be as good a time as any.” I thought.

I checked my purse to make sure I had enough cash yet for drinks. With that taken care of I set out on the highway. A few minutes later I pulled into the little gravel parking lot of “Jerry’s” just of the main road. There were only about half a dozen other cars in the parking lot at this hour and I saw a chalkboard sign near the front door that said “Happy hour from 5-7 nightly.”

“Well now, I’m just in time then.” I grinned as I locked up my car and made for the door.

Once inside I went straight for the end of the bar nearest to me and perched myself up on a stool and motioned for the bartender to come over.

“What can I get for you miss?”

“It been a hell of a day, get me a double Jack and Coke.”

“Coming right up.” he said as he turned towards the bar and grabbed a bottle.

I laid my purse up on the bar, took my money out and stole a quick look around. It was small place without much light. There was a pool table in back just at the far end of the bar where two men were engaged in a game. Some random, easy listening song was playing softly over the jukebox where another guy was standing looking over the selections. Another man sat at the middle of the bar, slowly sucking on his beer. Other than that the place was dead which was fine by me.

“Here ya go miss, this ones on the house for pretty ladies that have had a bad day.” He said with a smile.

“Thanks hun.”

Hun? What the hell was I talking about? Now I was even starting to talk like a woman. I mulled over the days events as I sucked heavily on the two thin straws in my glass. The drink tasted good and went down smooth.

“What’s your name?” I asked the bartender.


“Well Ted, I’m ready for round two.” I said as I handed him a twenty.

He turned to start the process over again of making my drink while I drained the rest of my first one. Ted took my glass and handed me a full one which I eagerly accepted and went to work on right away. Within no time at all I had almost drained my second one and was motioning for Ted to bring the next round.

“You better take it easy on those miss. As tiny a thing as you are they’ll be going through you in no time.” Ted warned.

I hadn’t thought about, but he was probably right. After all, I wasn’t a hulking 180 lbs anymore. If I had to guess I was probably 115 or 120 tops, most of which was probably my tits, at about 5'7". I was starting to feel a little buzzed already so I thought I better put on the brakes a bit.

“Just make this one a single Ted.”

He nodded and went about his trade. I brought the drink over ans set it down in front of me and collected my empty glass.

“This one is compliments of the gentleman at the bar.” He said refusing my money.

I looked at the man in the dark suit sitting at the middle of the bar and raised my glass to him with a half smile as he nodded in turn. I hopped off my stool and mad my way to the jukebox. The man standing there before had gone up to the bar and sat down next to the man in the dark suit. I skimmed over the songs on the jukebox briefly before deciding there wasn’t anything worth spending my money on. As I walked back to my seat I noticed the men playing pool and had finished their game and one of them was now sitting on the other side of my generous benefactor. Apparently the three men were friends as they seemed engaged in light hearted conversation with some hearty laughs.

I was glad to be back at my stool as by now I was more than buzzed, I was getting drunk. As I was getting to the bottom of my glass, I looked up to order another one and the man in the dark suit was standing next to me with two drinks in his hand.

“Mind if I join you?” He asked.

“If that other drink is for me then by all means.” I replied pushing out the stool next to me.

He handed me a drink and sat down on the stool.

“I’m Ben.” He said as he stuck out his hand.

“Courtney.” I replied shaking his hand.

As I touched his hand I felt a funny twinge in my pussy and felt it moisten just the tiniest bit. Maybe it was the alcohol or just the whole crazy I day I had, but at this point I didn’t really think too much of it. We sat there for a while making idle chit chat, of course Ben had my drink replaced immediately whenever I was even close to finishing one. He told me that he was there with his buddies, Larry and Phil, who were talking to each other still sitting at the middle of the bar. As we talked I caught myself occasionally glancing down at the bulge in his crotch. Every time I did my pussy would respond with a little more wetness. I decided I had better call it night before things got any weirder.

“Well, it was nice meeting you Ben, but I really should be getting home.”

I staggered to my feet almost falling down before Ben caught an arm and stabilized me. Damn was I drunk! I
can’t drive like this! The last thing I needed was a DUI or worse.

“You sure you’re alright to drive?” Ben asked.

“No.” I replied with a drunk giggle.

“I can give you a ride home if you like.”

“Could you? I mean if it’s not too much trouble?”

“No trouble at all. Let me just tell my buddies we’re going so they can follow me since they know this area better than me.”

“OK, I just live a few minutes up the road.”

Ben walked over to Larry and Phil and told them the situation. They finished their drinks and we all headed out the door. Ben walked me over to his car while Larry and Phil climbed into their Suburban. Ben and I buckled in and he fired up the engine as I started to explain how to get to my house. On the ride home I kept sneaking glances at Ben’s crotch wondering what his cock looked like. We pulled up to my house and Ben helped me out of the car and walked me up to the door while Larry and Phil pulled in the drive. I fumbled for my keys in my purse and finally got the door unlocked. Ben supported me as we went into the living room and he plopped me down on the couch. Ben was standing there looking at me as I scooted up on the couch a bit to sit up better. I found myself looking right as his crotch that was only about a foot away from me.

“You got everything you need Courtney?” Ben asked motioning towards my purse.

“Not yet.” I replied with a coy smile.

Before I knew it, I reached out and had his zipper down and was fishing around in his boxers for his cock. I finally found his hot flesh and pulled his cock free. The thing was huge even though it was only half hard! I slowly started to pump his cock with one hand and lowered my mouth to it, parting my lips to fit the tip in as it quickly grew to ten inches.

“Uuuhhh, fuck yea baby, that’s it, suck that cock.” ben whispered.

At his urging I took more of meat into my mouth and began to pump harder and faster with my hand. I licked up and down the shaft with my tongue while my eyes rolled back in my head. I small drop of pre-cum oozed out the tip as I stroked. I squeezed the tip to get a little more out.

“You’ve come this far.” I thought to myself as I stuck out my tongue and lapped the drop off the tip of Ben’s dick.

“Damn your shit tastes good baby!” I said to my surprise.

“That ain’t even all of it yet girl.”

I continued to suck and stoke his cock while he undid his pants and dropped them to the floor. I was so into what I was doing I didn’t even notice Larry and Phil had entered the room and were taking off their clothes. Ben reached down and squeezed my tits. I could feel my pussy aching with desire and wetness. Ben pulled me off his cock, stood me up and spun me around bending me over the couch. I arched my back in anticipation of his cock. He hiked the bottom of my dress up and pulled my thong to the side, I felt the tip of his tool press against my swollen lips as he rubbed it up and down on my lips to get some lubricant on his cock. Ben pushed forward hard and rammed his cock home. My mouth fell open and I tried to gasp for air as the tip of his cock pushed just inside my cervix. Larry quickly stepped up when I opened my mouth and shoved his cock inside. Ben grabbed on to my ass and began pounding my pussy. Phil came up just to my right stroking his cock as I sucked on Larry, bringing his cock to full erection at about eight inches. As I stroked and sucked Larry with my left hand I reached out with my right and took Phil’s cock and began stroking it vigorously.
Larry and Phil each reached down with a hand to pull my dress and bra down enough to set my tits free. Once they were, the bounced back and forth as Ben slammed my pussy from behind.

“Mmmm.” Was all I could manage with a mouthful of cock.

I pulled Larry’s cock out of my mouth and stroked him and Phil so I could catch my breath a bit.

“UH, UH, UH, yyeeaaa, UH, UH, fuck that pussy baby!” I squealed.

I shoved Phil’s prick in my mouth and began sucking hard on it. Larry and Phil each had a tit in hand kneading it and squeezing my nipples. I switched off of Phil’s cock and back on to Larry’s. Phil pulled his dick free of my grasp and walked around the couch behind me. I continued to suck furiously on Larry while he bucked his hips slightly to meet my mouth. Ben’s pace quickened drilling my soaking wet pussy.

“Aahhhhh, I’m gonna cum baby!” Ben shouted.

He tightened his grip on my ass and slammed me back into him pushing the tip of his cock to force open my cervix. I felt the first spurt of hot cum shoot into my womb, followed by another and another. Feeling the warm cum fill my belly made me even hatter and wetter and suck as fast and as hard as I could on Larry’s cock. I cupped and gently stroked his balls with one hand while stroking his shaft with the other. I felt Ben shoot his last spurt in me and then pull his cock out. Before I knew it, Phil got behind me and shoved his cock inside my wet, cum filled pussy and started fucking me hard. I felt Larry’s balls tighten in my hand and the first shot of cum caught me by surprise.

“Oooohhh fffuuccckk yyeeaaa baby. Swallow that cum honey!” Larry gasped.

Another stream of hot cum shot in my mouth and sucked greedily on Larry’s cock milking it of all the cum I could. I swallowed each salty spurt as it came. The thought of that hot cum going down my throat and into my belly mad that familiar warm feeling wash over my lower abdomen and pussy.

“Mmmmm, Uuhhhhh, I’mmm, ggooonnnaa, uhhhh, cccuuumm!” I sputtered as Larry’s cock popped out of my
mouth and jacked the last few spurts out onto my lips and face.

Just then Phil's dick twitched and began dumping it’s load into my pussy.

“Ooohh sshhiittt girl!” Phil shouted as he continued to pump my pussy full of his hot white liquid.

I felt my own orgasm explode over me and bath Phil’s cock in my juice as I licked and sucked the tip of Larry’s dick clean. Phil pulled his cock out of me and all four of us collapsed on the couch in a writhing mingle of naked bodies, sweat and cum. Soon we were all fast asleep from out labors.
Early the next morning I awoke and looked around at the three men still sleeping naked on the couch. A sudden wave of terror flushed over me followed by anger.
“What if I could get pregnant!? Worse yet, which one of these assholes was the dad!!??”