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Timestop: The Train Ride Chapter 5

2023-01-20 21:55:07

This is a work of fiction. I do not condone any of the things I write about. All characters are considered 18+, even if a story implies otherwise. I use extreme taboo themes and consider my stories "horror". I'm really not concerned with story, and I write almost 100% smut. I start most stories with a supernatural, unrealistic scenario. This is always a quick excuse to dive into the question of "What dark shit could I do if I had the power to _?" I write first person, as an evil, perverted, petty man, pushing my writing way past what I would ever do in real life, trying to creep myself out as I write. If you do not enjoy dark themes, this is not for you.

In this story, I'm not too worried about realism. My time stop mechanic is basically where the narrator can freeze/paralyze anyone and anything he wants. Everyone mostly just goes limp/unconscious. Gravity still works, bodies still react slightly. How can he do this? I didn't care, I just started writing. It makes no sense, I know. But let me know if you'd like more!



After punishing the Bitch for what seems like hours, I'm completely worn out. In reality no time has passed at all. Everyone in the train is still exactly where they were when I froze them. my dick swinging as I walk, I pass by endless people all huddled in their seats still trying to sleep. Lots of grumpy, uncomfortable faces all trying to ignore the bitch that keeps coughing her fucking germs into the same air they breathe. "Don't worry people, she's being taken care of." I smile, enjoying having the train to myself. Any other time, I'd be having fun exploring the other hot women on this train, but my anger towards this one girl, I have to focus it all on her.

I reach the cafe, the smell always so pleasant. Ignoring a few people waiting in line, I climb behind the counter. I make myself some coffee, grab a few beers, some snacks. I dig out some cash from the Bitch's purse, tossing it all in the tip jar without counting, way more than enough. I sit down and relax for a while in the cafe, regaining my strength for what's to come, making sure to re-hydrate plenty.

I return a while later, a bit buzzed, comfy and rejuvenated. When I reach our seats, the sight upon approach is just so amazing. After being away, it's like seeing things for the first time again. A mess of blankets cover the floor in the open space near the back of the car behind our seats. In the aisle lies this pathetic crumpled heap of naked flesh. messed up dark hair, shredded clothing hanging loosely. The girl lays in an awkward position laying on one arm, her legs a bit twisted, head cocked off to the side. I see one tit staring at me, the curve of her naked hips so sensual. Broken and torn apart. My dick hardens.

I go to her bags. God she just has so much shit. I dig through her stuff, finding a few pairs of sturdy jeans. Everything she owns is expensive. Designer clothes. I test their sturdiness and then start tying a pant leg of one of them to one of her ankles. Then the other pair to her other ankle. I leave a pant leg free on each of them, hanging loosely, and then grab one and lift her by it with all my strength. I loop it around one of the horizontal rails up above the seats that keep bags from falling out. I tie it securely and she's now hanging from an ankle upside down. Still supporting most of her weight, I manage to struggle and get the other leg tied up to the rail across the aisle. I test the sturdiness and decide to reinforce with some more clothes from her bag, tied a little lower around her calves.

Breathing heavily but satisfied, I step back to admire my work. "Fuck that's amazing."

She hangs upside down, her legs are spread pretty wide, almost four feet apart. Her little blue socks still on her feet up there. I enjoy the reminder they give me of how perfect this girl was when we started.

Between her long smooth legs, her messy pussy stares at me, about chest-level with me. Short-trimmed pubes plastered down and crusted with cum and god knows what. Her pussy lips red and raw from all my punishment.

A sweaty, sticky sheen covers most of her skin.

Her cute pale green panties are nothing but a waistband around her belly and some strands of green fabric hanging down around it.

Her belly is thin but soft, not very toned, her fair skin so feminine and pure. Light gray strips of fabric barely cling on around her belly, once from her undershirt.

Her black bralette, a thin comfy sports bra thing, no wires or pads or anything, is ripped down the center to expose her small tits, the bottom elastic band and the rest of the fabric on the side and back and shoulders all intact cupping her tits perfectly. Her tits and chest slick with sweat.

Her arms hang limply, showing sexy little armpits, the skin pale, only a hint of some stubble, sweaty like the rest of her.

Her matted dark brown nest of hair falls limply around her face, a bit crusty, part of it plastered to her neck and cheek.

And her face, a complete wreck. Makeup smeared all over, eyes staring blankly out of black racoon smudges. Tears and spit and cum and sweat leaving her nothing like she was in the beginning, barely a resemblance. Disgusting.

Her mouth is closed, but I notice something coming from her lips. I step closer and see my own white cum slowly leaking, bubbling like a nasty foam, out her lips and upside down into her nose and cheeks. "Fucking hell You're so gross." I have to laugh, the ungodly sight. But I'm turned on all the same. I did this. And I'm not done yet.

I reach out and feel her up and down, admiring how gravity pulls her flesh the opposite way, her tits hanging slightly, her asscheeks a fun floppiness. Her belly so warm, I hug her tight, kissing and nuzzling her inner thighs. But her skin is sticky with sweat, and the stench. I almost gag, her nasty pussy a foot or so below my face, goddamn it's awful. Cum and spit and sweat. She can't be cuddled or kissed.

I step back and slap full force downward with my hand, splatting loudly down on her sticky pussy, some droplets of something flinging off her, her body jolting and swinging slightly. My dick hardens. I hate violence towards women, honestly, I would never do this normally, but this is no woman. She's just a bitch, garbage, she deserves it. And the wrongness makes it feel so much better.

I punch out, underhand, right in her belly, half force, just enjoying the feeling. I want to bruise, to hurt, but nothing too lasting. Her thighs are more eye-level, I aim and swing a punch full force into one, then the other. Thud, Thud. My cock swells. Slap down on red, raw pussy lips again. Lean down and smack a tit. Punch at thighs. Thud. This is incredible.

I scoot around to her backside. Her ass looks so sweet, a floral pattern of purple and white, little wad of panties stuffed painfully in her asshole. I punch again with all my strength, aiming at thick asscheek. It absorbs the blow better, the feeling so wrong but pleasant on my fist. The squishiness, such delicate, smooth flesh shouldn't be treated like this. Thud again. And again. I get a little workout in on my sexy punching bag for a few full minutes.

Still behind her, I reach down and grab one of her arms and pull it up, the rest of her still hanging upside down limply. I press my cock on her armpit and pull the arm up tight. This is just about the perfect height for this. I pump slowly in and out, my precum and her sweat plenty to lubricate my motion. The slightest scratchiness from her stubble is almost painful, but I slide in and out anyway. I notice this was the armpit I bit into earlier, breaking the skin, leaving teeth marks and a bit of blood. I get even harder.

I slap her ass with a free hand, then increase my pace fucking her armpit, holding her tight and thrusting in the slick crease of her arm. A soft sticky sound as my dick pokes out the front side. I look around and watch it poking out again and again. shifting her sideboob out of the way each time.

I'm rock solid but want to change things up. I move around to the front of her again and crouch down a bit to be level with her mouth. I grab her head with both hands and lift her up to my cock, her messy hair still so soft and sexy. I have to hold her jaw open the whole time, against gravity, thrusting straight into her open face hole. Her mouth slick with old cum and spit, lubricating perfectly, the depravity of it all turning me on even more.

Slightly crouched with my feet far apart, I'm in a great stance for plowing her with all my power. I hold her jaw open with both thumbs, hands on either side of her head, and I thrust deeply, bottoming out, pushing past the tight throat opening, straight down into esophagus. I grunt and sigh, the feeling so amazing. Warm and wet.

A gurgling sound emits from deep within her for a few seconds, air being forced around with spit and cum in there. The smell coming from her cunt close to my face is so disgusting, but I'm too turned on to care. I thrust as hard and as fast as I can, putting my whole body into this power stance. Cum and drool pours out of her face around my cock as I churn everything up, leaking into her nose, on her face, into her hair.

I look at her gaping cunt spread out in front of me, stinking. Red and raw from abuse, the skin tight and worn. I get an idea and suddenly pull away from her, cock plopping free of throat. I go to her bags. It doesn't take me long, I knew she'd have a bunch of good smelling products. I find some lotion, something fancy, expensive, that smells like fruit and flowers. Wow, this shit actually smells amazing. I go back to her and start lathering her up a bit around her pussy. I notice how red my punches have made her, and I give her another slap for good measure.

The lotion masks her awful stench, which was starting to make it hard to be so close to her. I can still smell the lewd scent of sex and pussy and sweat, but at least it's heavily mixed with this girly delicious stuff. Most importantly, her pussy isn't so raw anymore, but nice and moist and slippery.

I grab around the back, clamping onto an asscheek hard for leverage, then I reach my other hand up to her pussy, put all my fingers together into a point, and jam down hard into her opening. I only go a couple knuckles and it stops. She's so tight. I force my hand down deeper, a slight squelching sound from her pussy as everything strains. Deeper and the pressure is intense, kind of hurting my hand, my fingers all clamped so tightly together. I pull out, squirt out another handful of lotion. and then I thrust back into her with all my strength, gripping her in a firm hug around the waist with my free arm for maximum leverage. Lotion and cum and other juices ooze out the edges around my knuckles. Finally I feel a silent pop as my entire hand is finally inside her vagina.

My cock is so hard, having never gotten a chance to do this to a girl before. This bitch has no choice. I move around inside her, the pressure making it so difficult, barely able to wiggle my fingers. I slide up and down slightly, feeling the wet flesh on all sides of my hand. Slime from all the cum and juices is thick all around in there. I start to curl my fingers. Slowly. Struggling. I finally make a fist, and it feels like she's going to burst. "Oh fuck that's insane". I notice it making her pubic area and lower belly move a bit, expanding into the shape of my intruding fist. I uncurl my fingers then curl them again, making a fist, then letting go. Her insides getting wrecked, a mix of frothy liquids, like cream, squeezing out onto her lips and pubes around my wrist.

I push as deep as I can and feel it. Her cervix, just barely. I rub my fingertips on it, squishing into it, feeling around, knowing I'm way too deep into this girl. I pull my hand up and out of her, almost just as much a struggle as going in, like she doesn't want to let go. My hand is coated in a disgusting mix of cream and slime. Some blood even. Not too bad but damn I should not be doing this. I gear up again and thrust my fist back into her hard. She queefs deeply, her cunt lips visibly flapping from the air being farted out of her rapidly.

My cock is raging as I slide my hand up and down, out halfway then in full force again, trying to punch down at that cervix in there. God I need to fuck her again.

I pull out and hastily untie her, pulling her down carefully. I gather her bags, stacking them up on top of one another to make a bit of a platform. She's got so many to work with, the spoiled bitch. I put her big rectangular travel suitcase on top, open with a bunch of her expensive stuff inside. I take more of her clothes from other bags and stuff them all on top of this open suitcase, making a big mound, above knee height. I lift her mess of a body on top of it all, laying her face up, her torso and ass sinking a bit onto the clothes on her open suitcase. Her arms, legs, and head all spilling down over the sides, hanging grotesquely, her back a bit arched up in the center. That slick pussy gaping at me, oozing liquids, remaining a bit open after the fisting.

I dive in, my cock starved for too long. crouch down slightly, aim my dick and practically fall into her in my haste. I enter her gaping cunt with no resistance, damn I must've really stretched her. I laugh and thrust in with no mercy. Her looseness just means I have to pump harder to feel the same stimulation. I oblige happily, grabbing hold of her hips to steady her. plowing away. the whole mound of bags shaking violently with each thrust.

Her legs just limply lay there, kind of in the way of my legs, so I feel around real quick for some straps from the bags under her. I quickly take a few seconds to rig something up to tie her legs. I succeed, both her legs up tight as far as they'll go, tied around the knees, looking like she's on some weird operating table, or about to give birth. I pump into her hard, grabbing her tits as handles to hold her and all the shaking bags under her steady.

The position is so erotic. her torso arches up, her head falling completely off the back of the bag, I only see the bottom of her chin. Her arms fall off the sides in the same way, sexy armpits completely exposed, slick with sweat. Her legs strapped up tight, spread wide, bent at the knees, feet flopping around from my pumping. Those cute little blue socks. So clean and pure, they look brand new. I pull one of her feet to my face as I thrust into her. I inhale deeply. The fabric so soft and fuzzy on my nose, her scent actually not that bad. Sweat, but only a hint of a nasty foot smell. My cock swells within her as I move in and out, covering my face with her foot.

I slow my thrusting a bit. I drank a lot earlier. I realize I've had to pee for a while and have been holding it in this whole time. "Mind if I take a piss real quick?" I don't wait for a response. Still sliding slowly in and out of her, I just let go. Euphoria rushes over me like an orgasm as I relax my body and start releasing straight into her. Warmth floods all around my cock, "Goddamn that feels so amazing." I get chills, exhaling deeply as I flood her from within. Nothing seems to happen at first, completely inside her, there's no sound or signs of me pissing. Until she's full to the brim, completely basted, inflated with my piss. Then it starts to escape, pouring out from her pussy, around the base of my cock, trickling down onto her clothes and bag below. The smell is strong. I thrust a bit faster, making it splash, little droplets flinging around. Splurt Splurt Splurt, gross sounds fill the silent train around us.

I pull out and keep pissing. As I pull out, her pussy makes a gushing, splurting sound as piss slightly explodes out. pouring down her taint and ass. running down to her asshole, still stuffed with wadded up panties. soaking all her clothes under her.

It's hard to keep an erection and pee at the same time, my piss sputtering and shooting in odd directions. I aim my stream at her pussy, her dark pubes getting soaked. Splash onto her thighs, up to her belly, filling her belly button. Then her tits, the fabric of her black torn bra soaking and turning darker. The sound is so erotic, a soft pattering and splashing, droplets flinging and bouncing off her skin in every direction, her body becoming slick and wet. I aim for neck and armpits, drenching her in every spot I can see.

The relief is so amazing, and seeing her drenched body, smelling my piss in such a lewd way, it all keeps me rock solid, ready for more. I force myself to stop pissing, needing to fuck her more. I crouch down again and slam into her once more. Her pussy is so soaked now, and still slightly gaped from her fisting earlier, that I bottom out with little resistance. Splosh Splosh Splosh, the most disgusting wet sounds, my cock entering sloppy cunt, my thighs slapping against wet ass, a pool of piss sloshing around in her soaked suitcase full of designer clothing beneath her. The smell is outrageous, and I can't get enough.

I grab a foot again, rip off the sock, toss it casually on the piss-soaked clothes under her. Her bare foot is so cute, very well groomed, pedicured, platinum white painted toenails. I plant my whole face on it, inhaling, tongue out, licking her salty sweaty foot. The scent is gross, but way better than it should be, she takes such great care of herself. I slap my thighs against her harder, my dick couldn't be harder, on the verge of erupting. I hug one of her thighs tightly, thrusting with such powerful leverage, a bit crouched, pulling her toward me by her leg. I lick and suck at toes, between them, the taste so sour and salty, the smell of piss overpowering the smell of sweaty foot. Sploshsploshsploshsploshsploshsplosh into her as rapidly as possible, my dick throbbing, slamming against that cervix at the back, over and over.

I don't hold back, letting go of her leg and grabbing her nasty, piss soaked hips with both hands, I plow into her, pummeling her as hard as I can down into the clothes under her. She sinks down into the bag a bit under my intense force. I grunt and exhale loudly, stopping my movement after one last violent thrust into her.

I stay balls deep, spurting my jizz deep within her, splashing cum right up against her womb. I feel pulse after pulse of warm sperm swirling around my cock inside her.

I stand there, breathing heavily, still buried inside. Letting go with my hands, I lean back, keeping my hard dick all the way in. I relax and exhale deeply, my heart rate coming down slowly.

I stand like this a few full minutes, until finally I start to piss again, within her, right up against her cervix. "Fuck that's so good". That insane feeling of relief again, just as good as cumming. The warmth. The wrongness.

She's about halfway full, and I lift my fist up high, coming down hard, thudding with a half-strength punch right into her lower belly. Her pussy explodes and shoots my piss all over my legs and pubes. "Hey what the fuck, stupid bitch, don't piss on me". I slap her thighs and asscheeks hard a few times to punish her. God this is fun. I finish pissing inside her, leaking it all out onto her bags.

Exhausted, I leave her on her bags like this while I go clean myself up and take a break...