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The Girl - Book 2 - Chapter 08

2022-11-13 20:22:13

Lilly turned around, and walked up the stairs, nearly jumping up with every step. She was happy, and walked on air. She went to the bathroom, and undressed. She fondled herself thinking about Amy's touch. She went to the shower and washed herself with hot water. While the water streamed over her body, she rubbed her clit. She was so turned on, she came then and there. After that, she finished cleaning herself up, and got out of the shower. She toweled off, and wrapped the towel around herself.

She walked with the towel around her torso to her bedroom. She had still a couple of hours before her parents come home, and she thought about doing some studies.

When she entered her room, Spike, the family dog, was waiting for her.

--- "Oh, hello Spike." --- she smiled at him.

Spike looked at her with a stern look. Their relationship changed from the time she allowed him to fuck her. Most of the time, he was her friendly dog, she always loved. But when he got horny, he didn't consider her his owner. He considered her his bitch. And a subservient bitch. He was very demanding, and liked to dominate her.

Orders from her masters didn't help, as she was always to fulfill his demands. He quickly learned that. He was an intelligent animal, and understood the terms well. It looked like he also subconsciously understood, that she didn't want to have to satisfy him in front of her parents. And he frequently used it forcing himself on her, just before they came home, or visiting her in the night as they were sleeping.

--- "You wanna play, Spike?" --- she said, picking up a ball from her night stand.

Spike growled at her, making her pull back her hand. He cornered her to the bed, and then caught with his teeth her towel.

--- "Spike ..." --- she started to say, clinging to the towel, but the dog pulled it hard from her hands.

The towel fell to the floor, and she stood naked, trembling. She loved her dog, but was afraid every time he was showing his dominance over her.

The dog sniffed her crotch, and gave it a few licks. He then placed his pow on her thigh, as to show her to lower her position.

She knew well not to oppose him. She went to all fours, and waited sticking her ass high in the air.

He went around her, and sniffed her butt. He then licked her pussy and ass, making her gasp.

--- "I'm all yours, Spike." --- She pushed her ass into his face invitingly, but he went around her again.

He licked her face with a long lick. She knew he wanted her to open her mouth. He poked her face with his muzzle. She obeyed and opened her mouth. She stuck out her tongue and Spike licked her face again, sliding his long dog tongue inside of her mouth. He did this a couple of times, before looking at her again.

He placed his paw on the bed.

--- "No, please." --- said Lilly understanding what he wanted on the first glimpse. --- "I ..."

The dog bared his teeth, and growled at her.

--- "OK. OK." --- she said, climbing the bed --- "I'll do it."

She laid herself on her back on the bed, and positioned herself so that her head was hanging from the edge. She opened her mouth slightly, looking at her dog upside down. He didn't need any more invitation, he jumped on her, placing his paws on both sides of her tiny frame. His dick was hanging on the level of her face, and she quickly caught it in her mouth. Just as he felt the warm embrace of her lips, he started to fuck her.

The position was very uncomfortable for her. She had absolutely no control over his movement or how deep he could push his long dick inside of her. She was certain that this was the reason Spike liked to force her to assume this position on demand. She was even wondering if all the men in her life were total sadists and control freaks.

It was also uncomfortable, because when he started to ejaculate, which was very early on, it was hard for her to swallow in this position. At the end of each time he used her this way, she was a complete mess, which half of his seed on her face, and in her nostrils. The only good thing about it was that frequently, he licked her clean afterwards.

Nevertheless, she concentrated on pleasuring the dick that was just raping her, and she strained her neck, and used her throat muscles to make it good for him.

In the elevator

Lilly walked to the elevator in Amy's apartment block. She was dressed in a nice summer dress, and was happy, as she was about to meet with her friend.

Just as the elevator came, a man walked in from a walk with his dog. They crowded in the elevator, as the dog was big. The elevator was slow, and Amy lived on the top floor. Soon Lilly began to sweat a bit, and the dog started to sniff the air.

The dog sniffed Lilly, and then placed his muzzle under her dress, and sniffed more. Lilly instinctively spread her legs a bit, to give him more access. Soon the dog licked her pussy through her panties, making her moan. She closed her eyes, and spread her legs even more, bending her knees slightly, knowing her orders are not to refuse any male. The dog enjoyed her compliance, and sniffed and licked even more.

Lilly moaned again, and when she opened her eyes, she saw the man looking at her with disgust.

--- "Slut." --- he said. --- "Stop it."

--- "Yes, sir." --- she said --- "Sorry, sir."

She straightened herself, and tried to stay still when the dog continued to lick. It was a hard task. The man understood that she's obeying him, and at the same time she won't discourage or push off the dog.

--- "Hands behind your back" --- he said, wondering how far she would go.

Lilly immediately obeyed.

--- "Squat." --- he said.

Lilly lowered herself, standing on the tips of her feet, spreading her bent knees wide. This made her skirt go up, and show her white panties. The dog lowered his head, and licked her exposed pussy through the fabric, making her bite her lip.

--- "You are a real filthy slut."

--- "Yes, sir. I'm sorry, sir." --- she said between the gasps.

They heard the ring, and the elevator started to stop at the level that the man was getting off. He considered something for a second, when the door opened. He clearly was waving an internal battle about what to do next. But when the elevator doors started to close again, he stopped them with one hand, and grabbed Lilly by the hair, with the other. He pulled her, by the hair, out of the elevator.

She obediently kept her hands behind her back, while he dragged her to his door, and opened it with his keys. When the door opened he threw her onto the floor and went inside with his dog. He then closed the door behind him, and unleashed the dog, ordering him to go to the kitchen.

He then knelt over Lilly, and ripped the front of her dress. As she lacked much in curves yet, he didn't spend long mauling on her breasts. He unzipped his pants, and fed her his dick, while still kneeling over her. She gagged, and coughed, as it was one old dirty piece of dick.

The man soon flipped her on all fours, and slid down her panties. Without any further ado, he placed his dick at her pussy, and pushed. He was clearly a long time with no fucking, as he fucked her hard fast, and he came a lot.

After that he sat back breathing heavily, as Lilly half laid half sat there on the floor feeling the cum slowly leak out of her pussy. He finally buckled up his pants, and stood up. He opened the door, caught her hair again and threw her out of the apartment. He then closed the door without a word.

Lilly stood there in the corridor, with her dress in a mess, her panties at her knees, and face smeared. Lilly straightened her clothes and thought for a second. She took out a piece of paper and a pen from her small backpack and wrote something. She placed it under the door, and walked back to the elevator.

The note said: "Thank you, sir, for using my body. I'll be in the elevator next week same time."


--- "You did what?"

--- "I slipped a note under the door." --- said Lilly blushing --- "Saying I'll be here again next week."

--- "Allowing every men who want to fuck you is one thing. But now, you are encouraging them."

--- "I know. I'm not sure I should have done that. I'm sorry. I'm a total slut." --- she said --- "But it just felt right."

--- "That's far from right, young lady." --- said Amy with a stern look --- "But sexy." --- she smiled --- "And besides, it's Mr. Richards we are talking about. The guy lost his wife like 10 years ago to cancer. In my book you are doing the world a favor."

--- "You think so?"

--- "Yeah. I'm sure it's a happiest day in the recent decade." --- she said --- "Hope he will not start raping random girls now, thou."

--- "I'm sure not many girls act like total sluts while his dog is licking them. I think the general population is safe."

--- "Yeah. I think so too." --- said Amy --- "And besides, if he makes a go at me, I'll just kick him in the balls."